The house consists of three levels : Ground Floor – First Floor – Second Floor.

On the Ground Floor there is an independent and complete condo ( 164,20 square meters )with a spacious living room , kitchen , a toilet and one bedroom.

On the First Floor there are two bedrooms and the house entrance with the staircase leading to the second floor. Every bedroom has its own bathroom with a Jacuzzi bathtub. In the big one it’s round with a 2 meter diameter , while in the small one it’s regular size. There is also in the small room. Both rooms have also got a fireplace made of white stone.

On the second floor  ( 88,74 m2 ) there is a living room, a small WC for the guests  and an open kitchen which communicates with the rest of the room. There will also be a stony fireplace.

The roof is made of big trunks of coco palm which have been brought from Indonesia and the rest of the wooden elements of the house are from walnut wood. On the outside on the top there are tiles the kind which is mandatory for all the houses built on the island of Hydra, and the insulation of the house is of very good quality so there won’t be any heating loss during the winter and cooling during the summer.

On the same floor there is a big balcony 11mx3,35m which has a wonderful view of the sea and the sunset every afternoon. There is also a garden with a very big cypress tree in the centre.

The floors on the bedrooms of the house will be designed and made of American oak combined with white marble.

The outside walls of the house will be made of white stone which has been carved piece by piece for this purpose by special craftsmen. The whole process of the stones has been carried out in the area of Mani which is in south Peloponnesus , then transported with lorries in Piraeus harbor and shipped to the island of Hydra and finally carried with mules to the building site. Every craftsman is able to carve 6 to 10 stones a day, and up to now there have been transported approximately 20000 stones to the building site. There have also been transported and are ready to use all the marble and the wood for the interior of the house.

The two bathrooms will be coated with the marble “onyx”, which has already been transported to the building site, and the floors with white marble. The toilet’s and the wash basins are also from white marble of excellent quality.

The entrance of the house is from white marble and also the basement floor will be from white marble.

The windows will be made of “Iroko” wood from Africa and will be manufactured by the best carpenter of the area. This is mandatory according to the Urban planning Office and the archaeologists, since the island of Hydra is considered to be a traditional settlement and has very strict building and constructing laws. Let me emphasize the fact that there are no cars on the island and all the transportations are made with mules which automatically increases the cost of the whole endeavor and it needs more time than under normal circumstances. Another important fact that you must be aware of, is that the exterior of the house cannot be changed everything must stay according to the blueprints since by law when the building permit has been approved by the archaeological committee and issued, nothing can change whereas in the interior since the house is new all kinds of changes can be carried out.

Central heating is not available and there has been no license issued for one. The reason is that it is not usual for the island this kind of heating since the transportation of oil is difficult. Very few houses have this kind of heating, most houses on the island have wooden stoves, fireplaces or air conditioning which is the kind we have planned for this house with big heaters all over the house. If you decide for central heating though, it can be arranged at this stage of construction.

In the contract there will be a detailed description of all the materials used in the house as well as all the probable changes needed to be done according to the buyers wishes. All the payment terms will be discussed in detail with the buyer as well as everything concerning the Greek legislature along with the way these kinds of transactions are carried out in Greece.

I would like to emphasize the fact that it is legal according to the Greek law to sell this house to anybody interested from all over the world. Nationality is not an issue.

The Greek government published the new Greek immigration law ( 4146/2013 ) which grants residence permits to non-EU foreign investors, who buy properties (minimum value 250,000 euro ) in Greece .




Delivered  :

New Price  :

Kostas Economou

Kamini - Hydra island - Greece

8 months after the contract signing

1.800.000  Euro   2.950.000


Water Rain Tank :

Boiler room  :

Ground Floor  :

First Floor  :

Second Floor  :


Blueprints :

456 m2

35,54 m2

12 m2

164,20 m2

139,20 m2

88,74 m2

392,14 m2

April 2006





House Plan  :  1st Floor - 2nd Floor - Ground Floor



(m2 = Square Meters)



Russian Version

Chinese Version


1. Exterior walls:

The exterior walls are from white hand-carved stones. (20,000 pieces)

2. Casings – Doors – Windows:

- Windows and Doors made of Iroka wood

- Window sills made of Kavala marble


Two three-phase panelboards will be installed in the building: a) one for the basement and the other one b) will power the Ground floor and the First floor.

The brand will be Hager or Legrand and there will be fuses installed for every space. The sockets and the switches will be Legrand.

Plumbing – Heating

The water supply will be carried out through a water panel and separate switches for every faucet along with a general switch of the building, for the Ground floor and the First floor.

Respectively, the same will apply for the basement which will be water supplied through another water panel connected to the main meter of the water distribution network.

The collector and its parts will be FAR.

The water pipes will be made of multilayered industrial insulated pipe F18 for the whole network of the house Basement – Ground floor – First floor.

The faucets will be German GROHE.

The sewage pipes will be made of heavy-weight plastic pipe, type Pipe life with various cross-sections F40 – F50 – F75 – F100 – F120 depending on the various uses.


The heating will be autonomous for every floor of the house with a respective electronic thermostat which will give the order of start – pause for the operation of the heating boiler.

The boiler equipment in the boiler room will be German TASSO and the boiler will be Austrian Olymp.Upon starting the operation of the boiler there will always be hot water available for the building needs.

The network of the pipes will be under the floor, made of multilayered pipes F20 and the heating radiators will be type panel Austrian Viena line.

3. Floors – Marble – Wood:

The floor in the bedrooms

    On the ground floor there are wooden floors made of American Oak in both


    In the basement the floor is made of white marble from Thasos.

    In the entrance hallway there is marble from Thasos 30x30 with black

decorative border.

4. Ground floor bathrooms:

Big bathroom from ONYX

 Small bathroom from green marble ARABESCATO or KALIFORNIA

2nd floor, the floor is made of white marble from Thasos Extra.

   The staircase is made of marble from Thasos Extra 3cm thick.

    2nd floor, fireplace with marble finish selected by an interior decorator


The counter top is made of black granite 3cm thick.

    The cupboards will be: the boxes from colored melamine 2cm thick and the

cupboard panels (façade) from aluminum frameworkand colored glass.

    The small WC on the 2nd floor for visitors is from marble ONYX.

    The closets in the bedrooms are made of colored melamine with sliding

doors from aluminum framework.

    The bathroom in the basement will be from white marble from Thasos.

5. Painting

    All the interior walls are plastered with stucco PARENTINA twice. Next, all   

the walls will be coated with a nanotechnology surfacer in order to get the

finest adhesion-absorption of the topcoat and then they will be painted with

an indoor paint twice.

    The casings – (doors and windows) will be varnished in order to show the

    Natural form of the wood.

    In the surrounding area there will be αfence made of concrete and coated

with stone and the plot will be landscaped accordingly in order to create

flower beds and pathways with decorative gardening elements.

    Within the plot and on the right side of the building there will be constructed

a water tank for the collection of the rain and the watering of the garden.


Every month there will be a recording on Video and CD of the work progress and sent to the buyer.


Hydra is a beautiful island lying in the archipelago called the Argo-Saronic. It is situated in the greek Islands called Saronic and lies between the islands of Poros and Spetses, near the cost of the eastern foot of Peloponnese. It is very popular island because of its extremely picturesque capital, full of red tiled houses and stone-paved alleys. It used to be the destination of fashionable artists during the sixties and has kept a highly cosmopolitan character. Hydra, with its continuous offering to tourism and the culture of Greece, remains the adornment of the Saronic Gulf and one of the most important resorts that Greece has to offer.

Hydra is an island with immense natural preserved beauty and historical significance, where no cars or other vehicles are allowed. All products, food, furniture, heating oil, building materials are carried by mules. For this reason to build a new house is consider as a feat. There are 2.500 permanent residents during winter and very lively with tourist in the summer. It is located 36 miles south of Athens and accessible daily from Athens central port (Piraeus) by frequent scheduled hydrofoils that make the trip in one hour 15’ minutes.

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